CM Bandit - Lever Hoists

Capacities: 3/4 and 1-1/2 ton
Standard Lifts: 5', 10', 15', 20'

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The CM Bandit is our lightest and most compact 3/4 & 1-1/2 ton ratchet lever hoist ever. Its portable design, easy free chaining, and 360 degrees rotating handle makes it one of the most versatile hoists on the market today.

This product is currently only available in Canada with Zinc Plated Chain.

Advantages for the CM Bandit

  • Capacities of 3/4 and 1-1/2 ton. Metric Rated. Standard lifts up to 20 feet. (Longer lifts are available.) Look for 3 & 6 ton capacities coming soon.
  • Rugged, yet lightweight, design and construction can be easily transported and used in even the most confining spaces.
  • Easy free chaining feature allows for quick take up and positioning of slack chain. Designed not to accidently free chain while under load.
  • 360 degrees rotating handle allows for versatile rigging options when working in tight spaces.
  • Double reduction gearing provides easy operation with low handle effort.
  • Screwed-on comfortable rubber grip makes for a secure hold in all environments.
  • Meets ASME B30.21
  • Enclosed Weston type load brake stays clean and dry for positive load positioning.
  • Upper and lower hooks feature standard forged safety latches that provide positive and secure load engagement. Hooks are bolted on for easy removal and inspection.
  • Upper and lower hooks feature extra wide throat openings to allow for easier attachment to pick points. Hooks swivel 360 degrees for faster positioning.
  • Impact-resistant stamped steel housing withstands repeated rigorous use.
  • Standard powder coat finish on housing and zinc plating on major components for extra protection against corrosion when working in harsh environments.
  • 100% load tested zinc plated chain. Proven chain integrity and corrosion resistance.
  • Each unit has a unique serial number for easy and accurate identification.
  • Shipyard hooks are available as an option on 1-1/2 ton units.
  • Optional internal load limiter alerts operator of possible overload by allowing the handle to rotate without lifting a higher-than-capacity load.
  • Lifetime Warranty



Bandit Ratchet Lever Hoists
Capacity Lift Lever Pull to Lift
Rated Load
Headroom Handle
BAN07505R 3/4 Ton 5' 45 lbs 12-7/8 9-5/8
BAN07510R 3/4 Ton 10' 45 lbs 12-7/8 9-5/8
BAN07515R 3/4 Ton 15' 45 lbs 12-7/8 9-5/8
BAN07520R 3/4 Ton 20' 45 lbs 12-7/8 9-5/8
BAN15005R 1-1/2 Ton 5' 64 lbs 14-1/4 10-1/4
BAN15010R 1-1/2 Ton 10' 64 lbs 14-1/4 10-1/4
BAN15015R 1-1/2 Ton 15' 64 lbs 14-1/4 10-1/4
BAN15020R 1-1/2 Ton 20' 64 lbs 14-1/4 10-1/4


CM Hurricane 360 Hand Chain Hoist

Application Videos

The CM Hurricane 360 has a patented hand chain cover that rotates a full 360 degrees to allow for positioning, pulling and lifting of loads from virtually any angle - making it the only hoist of its kind in the industry.

With capacities from 1/2 to 10 tons and ultimate flexibility, the Hurricane 360 is the choice for a wide range of applications. The Hurricane 360 is available in multiple configurations of lift, capacities and headroom.

Trusted Reliability
Braking power of our Weston-type load brake provides positive load control & reliable performance. Hoist requires minimal maintenance and can be easily disassembled with no special tools.

Standard load limiter provides simple, automatic overload protection.
Built to Last
All internal gears and pinions are heat-treated steel for high strength and long life. Precision 4-pocket lift wheel and chain provide better chain fit and alignment, reducing wear and increasing chain life.
Rugged Toughness
Powder-coat finish for corrosion protection. Alloy-hardened steel load chain assures high strength and long wear life. Meets ASME B30.16 and European CE Standard.
Lifetime Warranty.


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Magna Hoists and Trollies

Magna Chain Hoists

  • Spur gear design for efficiency, portability and economy
  • Load tested to +125% of rated capacity
  • Equipped with a mechanical brake for load control in lifting and spotting
  • Meets ANSI Standards * CE Mark * ISO Certification
  • High quality load chain meets all international safety standards
  • Completely repairable with easy access for maintenance
  • Parts and service available
  • Rugged steel casing protects gears and bearings

Magna Lever Hoists

  • Load tested to 125% of rated capacity
  • Meets ANSI standards
  • European CE certification
  • ISO Certification
  • High strength alloy chain meets all international safety standards
  • Parts and service readily available
  • Rugged steel casing protects gears and brake mechanism


SBT Series Ball Bearing Trolleys

  • Load is moved by pulling on hoist load chain in direction of travel
  • Double sealed ball bearings for long life
  • Specially hardened steel wheels meet ANSI B30.11 specifications (Certificate included)
  • Specially designed integrated drop stops/bumpers take the load in the event of wheel failure and prevent wheels from contacting other trolleys on the track
  • Adjustable to fit various sizes of flanges and beams
  • Comes equipped for use on up to 8" beam widths
  • Can be installed or removed at any point along the track
  • Use on straight or curved H, I, W and S-beams

619 Beam Trolley

For use on ‘I’ Beams
Beam Trolley 619 rated in Metric Ton = Tons of 1000kgs. (or 2200 pounds or 9.81 kN)