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About Us
As an overhead crane consulting company, Cranemasters provides engineer reviewed courses designed for the specific needs of your company. Our instructors have extensive experience with Occupational Health & Safety rules and regulations, and over 20,000 hours directly related to overhead cranes.


After training thousands of students in Alberta, we have identified the skills required to operate an overhead crane and to rig a load safely. Our course content covers:
  • Legislated and other requirements in Alberta
  • Identifying cranes and their components
  • Pre-operational, operational, and post-operating requirements
  • General rigging requirements
  • Site-specific training
  • Supervisor training and responsibility

Cranemasters can also offer consultation and compliance audits for your overhead crane and rigging equipment to ensure your company meets the requirements of all applicable rules, regulations and codes.


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Cranemasters’ specializes in overhead crane and rigging training.  All our training courses can be provided at your site or at our fully equipped training centres.   We have been providing this training across Western Canada.

  • Overhead Crane and Rigging Training

    Overhead Crane and Rigging Training is a twelve hour interactive course that trains the students on overhead cranes and rigging practices.  The course can be completed in a one or two-day format which includes eight hours of theory and four hours of practical.
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  • Rigging Training

    Rigging Training is an eight hours interactive course that trains the students on rigging practices consisting of six hours of theory and two hours of practical. Click here to view our course content.

  • Rigging Awareness Training

    Rigging Awareness Training is directed towards safety personnel, supervisors, managers, business owners, etc. This course is four hours in duration which provides a basic knowledge and understanding of rigging standards and principles.
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  • Customized Hoisting and Rigging Training

    Customized Hoisting and Rigging Training is available upon request.

  • Train the Trainer

    Please call for details.


Our Difference is hands-on, interactive and effective.

Most of our courses are conducted at customer sites, but Cranemasters does have training facilities available in Edmonton and Calgary.



Our portable classroom includes real cranes and rigging supplies to illustrate good, bad, and defective rigging.



Our fully trained instructors can visit  your facility to directly mentor and coach your employees on positive/corrective rigging practices and overhead crane operation.  Our experience shows that one to one coaching effectively corrects and enhances rigging practices. The student relates to this method of instruction as it pertains directly to their type of work and equipment being used.



All of the rules and regulations that govern the operation of cranes and rigging equipment can be overwhelming. We provide on-site Assessment and Gap Analysis services to ensure your equipment, policies, and workers are compliant.



Upon assessment of your company’s equipment and employees, we can develop specific policies and procedures for hoisting and rigging requirements.