yoke-APIYoke Industrial Corp. Announces
API Certification

The American Petroleum Institute has assessed the quality management system of Yoke Industrial Corp and found them to be in conformance of the following:
API Specification Q1
ISO/TS 29001
ISO 9001:2008

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Super Slings – Inspection Divisionsuper-trac_image

Super Slings Inspection Division is a turn key, on-site, sling and fall arrest inspection program catered to the your individual shop needs. Our trained and certified inspectors will not only inspect your equipment according to Alberta OH&S and ASME codes and regulations. They will work with your shop employees to find the best solution for any issues that may arise. Super Slings Inspection Division uses Super-Trac asset tracking to catalog every inspection for every piece of equipment, which is then available to view online at anytime.

Super-Trac Online Asset Trackingsuper-trac_logo 3

Super Slings has partnered with N4 Systems® to deliver an innovative solution that streamlines any inspection and maintenance process.
Mobile computing, Radio Frequency (RFID) tagging and internet applications provide you and your extended team enhanced accuracy and operational efficiency while eliminating most of the paperwork.
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