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At Super Slings we are committed to growing and improving our industry by informing our customers. Our Did you know information packets are designed to highlight lesser known facts, industry trends, codes, regulations and product information that every operator, rigger, or worker should know.

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Nylon vs. Polyester Slings

A common misconception in the lifting industry is that all web slings are made the same, this is far from the truth. Not only are there nylon and polyester, but there are also different grades and qualities of both materials. While both materials have their benefits and detriments, it is up to the user to determine the proper material for their specific application. Over the last few years the industry standard has slowly been moving away from nylon and more towards polyester, mainly due to cost. When determining which material to use there are two main factors to consider, stretch and chemical reaction. The information in this pamphlet will give you a good start on how to determine which material is right for your application. Get all the information at Superslings.ca >>
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Super Slings – 2013 Rigging Supplies CatalogSuper_Slings_2013-Rigging Supplies Catalog-image1

The all new 2013 Rigging Supplies Catalog is now available. Filled with tons of important information including, warning & usage information, inspection & retirement criteria, lifting and calculation charts, load ratings, and over 300 products. Contact your Super Slings representative to get your copy of the Super Slings 2013 Rigging Supplies catalog, or go to superslings.ca to view it online.

CM Bandit Lever Hoistscm_bandit-image

The CM Bandit is one of the lightest and most compact 3/4 & 1-1/2 ton ratchet lever hoist ever. Its portable design, easy free chaining, and 360 degrees rotating handle makes it one of the most versatile hoists on the market today.
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