Super Slings manufactures a wide variety of slings for lifting and load handling applications. Our slings are manufactured to the highest standards and specifications with quality being the first priority. Super Slings can also manufacture custom slings to any specification for various special applications.

Rigging hardware is the most important connection between the sling and crane. At Super Slings we carry a vast variety of shackles, lifting points and other rigging hardware.

Material handling and proper load control are a critical of any lifting scenario. You can trust Super Slings to have to best quality and most reliable lifting products on the market. From chain hoists and snatch blocks to lifting beam and magnets, we have just what you need.

Super Slings provides and manufactures cargo control equipment for all of your cargo control needs for hauling, rigging, moving, towing and securing. Our cargo securement products include grade 70 transport chain, synthetic chain, chain load binders, binder chain assemblies, transport chain accessories, winches, winch bars, strap assemblies, car tie-downs, axle straps, tie down hooks, and much more!

With a wide variety of ropes and general cordage, Super Slings can outfit almost any application. From general use polypropylene ropes, to high capacity Dyneem® lifting rope.

Super Slings Traction Products is our line of tire chains made to fit all applications. Such as, passenger cars, light trucks, commercial trucks, loaders & graders, tractors, forklifts, ATV’s and skid steers



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