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Magnet Breakaway Test Stand

Now available at Super Slings. Our Magnet Breakaway test stand can test magnets up to 15,000 lbs. The Breakaway test (aka Design Factor test) of a lift magnet is a test that determines the current lift capacity of the magnet. The outcome of the test allows the operator/owner of the lift to know if the magnet meets the rated lift capacity as designed by the manufacturer. Ropes, slings and chains can be visually inspected to see damage that would require the product be taken out of service. With magnets, internal damage to the magnetic material is not evident by simply looking at the product.
Unseen loss of magnetic strength is caused by;
1) blows, dropping, or banging on the magnet can cause fractures in the magnet,
2) high heat, if the magnet is exposed to temperatures above its’ capabilities it will lose magnetism and
3) exposure to electrical fields, like generators or welding ground circuits, will result in loss of magnetism. External factors that influence a lift magnet’s performance are; nicks, scratches, gouges, rust, etc. to the contact surface of the lifter. Breakaway testing will prove the magnet is performing at the intended Working Load Limit (WLL).

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