RIG-IT Towing & Recovery System

Engineered for safety and quality, the RIG-IT Tow Recovery System is the ultimate solution to all your pulling needs. Proudly made in Canada, the RIG-IT system includes an engineered hitch mount, 5/8” hitch pin, 3/4” 4-3/4T screw pin shackle, and 3” x 20’ 9,500lbs tow-strap.

The engineered hitch mount can also be purchased separately with a tow strap built to your specifications.

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Super Slings Towing & Recovery Straps


Tips for Towing & Recovery

  • Before using strap, make sure sling is in good condition
  • Never attach a tow strap to another vehicle with a knot
  • Cover the strap with a blanket to prevent injury by projectile if the strap happens to break
  • Make sure debris, such as, logs, rocks and especially people, are clear of the towing area
  • Drive slowly when pulling the vehicle out. Sudden jerks and tugs can damage the strap and or vehicle
  • Keep your head inside the vehicle
  • Put your hood up when pulling in reverse
  • Always be careful, cautious and aware at all times
  • Never attach tow or recovery slings to a hitch ball