Beam and Screw Clamps

Beam Clamps (FSV / FSVW)

  • For horizontal lifting and transporting of steel beams and structures.
  • Can also be attached upside down and be used as a (temporary) lifting point.
  • Has equal opening and closing of both jaws for simple and quick assembly.
  • Lifting capacity and jaw opening are clearly engraved in the body.
  • Type FSVW is identical to type FSV but is delivered without a lifting eye so you can choose your own means of fixation.

Screw Clamps (TSCC)

  • Universal screw clamp for vertical and horizontal lifting and transporting of a large variety of steel structures.
  • The TSCC screw clamp is fitted with a moveable cam on the thread spindle which provides a powerful clamping force on the workpiece.
  • The articulated lifting eye ensures an effective clamping force in every position.