Horizontal Plate Clamps

Horizontal Plate Clamps (FHX / FHSX)

  • For horizontal lifting and transporting of steel plates.
  • Has a compact shape and relative light unit weight with a high lifting capacity.
  • Terrier FHX/FHSX lifting clamps must always be used in pairs (or multiples thereof).
  • Lifting capacity and jaw opening are clearly engraved in the body.
  • The FHSX has a larger jaw opening.

Crosby IPH10 Horizontal Plate Clamp

The IPH10 clamps are suitable for the lifting and transfer in horizontal position of non-sagging steel plates. The most important addition is the use of magnets which ensure the clamps remain in the proper position on the plate. The clamp is also equipped with a handle and torsion spring that combines to make the placing of the clamp onto the plate quick and easy. These clamps must be used in pairs or more.