RUD VRS & VRM Eyebolt

RUD VRS Strapoint Eyebolt

Please Note: It can happen that during use, the lifting point can engage in any direction. That is why the WLLis embossed for the worst case situation. The ring will adjust to the direction of pull/ (x) denotes the increased WLL at vertical load direction (straight line).

Attention: Lateral forces with standard eye bolts acc. to DIN 580 are forbidden! In case of multiple leg suspensions, 2-leg and 3/4-legs, the ring-eye plane of the ring bolt must be in the direction of pull. This is not likely to be the case if standard eye bolts are tightened.

This is only possible with RUD-STARPOINT eye bolt, because it can be adjusted in pull direction in tightened condition! In case of flipping fixtures, dies and molds, under full load, we recommend that our double ball bearing PointPoint collection be used.

Attention: Refer to RUD user instructions! : 1200kg

Shape: Star shaped - clear distinction from standard eye bolt DIN 580.

Colour: Striking florescent pink powder coating

Marking: Clear indication of WLL (in metric tonnes and lbs) for side load direction F (not allowed with standard eye bolt).

  • Forged material 1.6541, alloy quenched and tempered, 100% electromagnetic crack detected according to EN 1677-1

Starpoint Type VRS-F

  • Type VRS-F includes the installation tool/Star Key.
  • This Starpoint comes with an integrated installation tool. Just engage the tool into the hexagon socket screw - tighten by hand - disengage tool.
  • Starpoint can then be adjusted 360o. Type VRS without Star Key can be assembled by using a hexagon key or Allen wrench.
  • Alternative tip: Special RUD hexagon socket wrench is available upon request.

Safety Factor 4:1

  • Workpiece material must conform to minimum steel quality S235JR (1.0037).
  • Countersink of tapped hole=norminal thread diameter. 
  • Prodive plane seat of the special hexagon bolt.
  • VRS must be able to rotate by 360o in bolted condition.
  • Adjust to load direction before loading.
  • Component protected by patents: Europe patent EP 654 611. US patent 5690457.
  • Specifically Engineered-Grade 10.9 captive hexagon socket screw.
  • Simply engage the hexagon socket bolt with the star profile key - use your fingers to respectively tighten or untighten the arrangement.
  • Disengage the key before you hook in the lifting mean.
  • Do not use an elongation piece.

Starpoint VRM- eye nut

complies with the machinery directives 2006/42/EG

  • the body of the Starpoint nut must be turnable 360o in bolted condition. Adjust in pull direction before attaching the sling means.
  • A plane bolting surface has to be assured. The nut thread must be engaged to 100% with the bolt thread. The thread pin mounted must allow a perfect seat of the surface of the eye nut to the bolting surface.
  • Sizes of VRM-see drawing VRS-StarPoint, previous page.
  • size "L" corresponds with the minimum length of the bolt thread.
  • In case of flipping fixtures dies and molds, under full load, we recommend to use our double ball bearing power point collection.
  • The given WLL is only valid in connection with threaded bolts of at least quality class 10.9