Crosby Shackles

Crosby Anchor Shackles®

Bolt Anchor Shackles
Screw Pin Anchor Shackles

  • Working Load Limit permantently shown on every shackle. Capacities 1/3 thru 150 metrics tons.
  • Forged - Quenched and Tempered, with alloy pins.
  • Look for the RED PIN ... the mark of genuine Crosby quality.
  • Shackles 55 metric tons and smaller can ber furnished proof tested with certificates to designated standards, such as ABS, DNV, Lloyds, or other certification.
  • Shackles 85 metric tons and larger can be provided as follows:
    • Non destructive Tested
    • Serialized Pin and Bow
    • Material Certification (Chemical) Certification must be requested at time of order.
  • Hot dip galvanized or Self Colored.
  • Fatigue rated.