Amsteel-Blue Slings


Amsteel-Blue Grommet Slings

For grommets, Samson recommends placing the splice on the pick point.
In basket configurations, all WLL are based on a minimum D/d ratio of 25:1, where D is
the smallest diameter in loaded contact with the sling and d is the diameter of the rope.
If the actual D/d is less than 25:1, use Table 1 to determine the correct strength reduction.
GENERAL NOTE: Slings with horizontal angles less than 30° are not recommended. Horizontal angles less than 5° should be considered vertical.


Amsteel®-Blue Grommet Sling

All WLLs are spliced stengths and based on a 5:1 design factor

Larger sizes for heavier lifts are available. Please Contact your Super Slings representative for more information

 UV (Ultra Violet Light) RESISTANCE
UV radiation is a common source of degradation in most polymers which results in a decline in strength. In a DSM study, smaller diameter (5/16” / 8mm) Dyneema ropes were exposed to natural, open air UV conditions for ten years. At the end of the test period, ropes were evaluated and found to retain approximately 40% of their original strength.
UV radiation is only capable of penetrating a rope’s structure to a very shallow depth. DSM’s research indicates that 40% of the fiber in 5/16” (8mm) diameter rope is unreachable by the damaging UV effects and penetrated to a depth of less than 0.04” (1mm). On a 3” diameter rope this would equate to only 8% of the rope fiber being affected by UV. The graph below shows that as the rope diameter increases, the amount of affected fiber decreases.
Ropes can be further protected from UV by incorporating UV resistant coatings, jackets, or chafe gear.