Amsteel-Blue Slings


Amsteel-Blue Single Leg Slings

The information presented here is for use with Samson Rope Amsteel®-Blue Lifting Slings only.
This information does not apply for slings made with any other rope product.

  • Use only Samson approved splices for the fabrication of Amsteel®-Blue Lifting Slings
  • Proof load all slings to 2 X WLL
  • Strengths are for new slings only. Refer to Samson’s inspection and retirement criteria to evaluate used slings
  • All WLLs are based on a 5:1 design factor.
  • Developed to be consistent with ASME B30.9

In basket configurations, WLLs are based on a minimum D/d ratio
of 25:1, where D is the smallest diameter in loaded contact with the
slings and d is the diameter of the rope. If the actual D/d is less than
25:1, use Table 1 to determine the correct strength reduction.

GENERAL NOTE: Slings with horizontal angles less than 30°
are not recommended. Horizontal angles less than 5° should
be considered vertical.


Amsteel®-Blue Single-Leg Sling

All WLLs are spliced stengths and based on a 5:1 design factor

 Larger sizes for heavier lifts are available. Please Contact your Super Slings representative for more information



HMPE fiber retained 100% strength after 6 months of immersion testing in sea water, hydraulic fluid, kerosene, gasoline, glacial acetic acid, 1 M hydrochloric acid, 5 M sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide (29%), hydrophosphite solution (5%), perchlorethylene, and detergent soution (10%). Contact customer service for recommendations when a rope will be used where chemical exposure (either fumes or actual contact) can occur.