Wire Rope


Wire Rope Winch Lines

Super Slings winch lines are made using 6 x 36 Wire Core ropes for better resistance to abrasion and crushing. Available with carbon hooks for large throat openings or alloy hooks for longer life.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

Promotes Safety

  • Thimble blemish eye splice for high strength efficiency
  • Quality factory assembly avoids faulty termination

Saves Money

  • Economical standard assemblies
  • Heavy duty thimble in eye extends useful life

Saves Time

  • No assembly time - ready to install
  • Stainless steel latch keeps hook in proper place


Winch Line Cables

6x36 Class-Bright (Uncoated)

Swaged Steel Buttons

Swaged steel buttons are designed for use as end stops on drum winding equipment such as hoists and winches.

After Swage Dimensions


Non-Standard Buttons available.
Running length of cable with thimbled eye ends available

L-180 Winchline Tail Chains


* Recommended for IPS or XIP (EIP), RRL, FC or IWRC wire rope.+ Ultimate Load is 3.5 times working Load Limit.
  • Hooks are Forged - Quenched & Tempered.
  • Spectrum 4 High Test Carbon Steel
    from 5/16” thru 5/8”.
  • Spectrum 8 Alloy Steel from 3/4”
    thru 1-1/8”.
  • Individually Proof Tested.



Quick Way (Spiral) Ferrules

l”ANCO Spiral Ferrules with Manganese Bronze two piece wedges are easy to install & quick to change.The two piece wedge grips all strands of the cable. Ferrules & wedges are reusable many times.

Wedge-type Ferrules Installation

Screwy Dumline Ferrules

OS = Open channel Die RS = Rope Size, BS = Before Swage, AS = After Swage L = Length, D = Diameter, DD = Die Description All dimensions are for reference only.

Swivel Dee Rope Sockets

The No. 154 Swivel Dee is made from cast alloy steel. Ideal for general logging purposes,
these dees have proven their value many times over. They may be used in any situation where a swivel action is required.

*Order by wire rope size of socket.
*Swivel Dee rope socket must be used with properly installed wire rope ferrule