Tire Chain Hardware

Spider Bungee - Rubber Tire ChainTightener

Pull your tire chains tight and even with the Spider Bungee. Heavy duty, high grade rubber with 6 metal hooks. Increases life of chain up to 40%. No hooks to move or lose like traditional tighteners. Store in a dark, dry place to prevent degradation. For use on heavy truck (tractor/trailer) & light truck applications.
Sold as a pair.

  • 33-SPIDERTIGHTEN: 20" Large Rubber Tire Chain Tightener
  • 33-SPIDERTIGHTENNM: 14-17” Medium Rubber Tire Chain Tightener
  • 33-SPIDERTIGHTENSM: 10-12” Small Rubber Tire Chain Tightener

Giant Tire Chain Adjusters

The Giant’s solid steel construction ensures long lasting durability and reliability. The four point securement system guarantees a solid connection keeping your chains tight around the tire.

  • Designed specifically for Loader Tires
  • Also available in LIttle Giant


Side Chain End Hooks

Replacement side chain end hooks for building, repairing or modifying side chains.

A. Flat Boomers

33-FLATBOOMERS6MM: 6mm Flat Boomer
33-FLATBOOMERS8MM: 8mm Flat Boomer
33-BOOM13MM: 13mm Flat Boomer w. Shackle

B.Flat C-Hook

33-FLATC6MM: 6mm Flat C-Hook
33-FLATC8MM: 8mm Flat C-Hook

C. Round C-Hook

33-RCHOOK6MM 6mm Round C-Hook
33-RCHOOK8MM 8mm Round C-Hook
33-RCHOOK11MM 11mm Round C-Hook

Pin Coupler

Pin Couplers are also called repair links with pin. These are used in repairs of broken chains in trac pattern.

  • Available in 8mm, 10mm, 13mm & 16mm

Cam Tools

Available in “T” or “L” type, replacement cam or tensioning tools are used to tension the side chains by inserting into the tensioning cam and turning clockwise until side chains are snug.

36" Tire Chain Pliers

Stock# 33-PLIERS-36
Weight: 9.80 Lbs. /ea.
Factory Package: 1 / box
Order Unit: Each

30" Bolt Cutter

STOCK # 33-4103010
Weight: 10.00 Lbs. /ea.
Packaging: 1 / box
Order Unit: Each