Tire Chains info

TRYGG tire chains are manufactured from ultimately alloyed steel which contain chrome, manganese, nickel and boron, and in some cases nickel and titanium. The chains are hardened to perfection. All tire chains are made of double steel. The outer layer is carbon rich for wear resistance and the core is managese / chrome alloyed for toughness. All studs and lugs are oversized and made of boron alloyed steel to ensure the maximum core hardness.

Trygg Single - Tire Chains


Trygg Triple - Tire Chains


Trygg Single - Double Duty Steering Chains


Trygg Single - Pick-Up Tire Chains


Peerless Ladder Style - Loader Chains


WARNING: Due to the varying brands, types and sizes of tires; Super Slings recommends testing your tire chains before they are needed to ensure proper fit. Because most tire chains are meant to fit a multitude of tire sizes, an exact fit is not always possible. All adjustments and/or modifications will be done at the customers expense. Super Slings Inc. assumes no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by improperly fitted or installed tire chains.