Super Slings has partnered with N4 Systems® to deliver an innovative solution that streamlines any inspection and maintenance process.

Mobile computing, Radio Frequency (RFID) tagging and internet applications provide you and your extended team enhanced accuracy and operational efficiency while eliminating most of the paperwork.


  • Inventory status and product location available online 24/7 in secure password protected database
  • Super Slings can store, manage and deliver customer inventory
  • Track, inspect & maintain any asset: Rigging, hardware, cranes, fall protection, spreader bars, etc.
  • RFID or serial number for instant identification and asset status
  • Quic-Search online by cert #, serial #, PO # or job #
  • Email schedules and alerts automatically
  • Enter task-related inspection notes and photos in field
  • View last inspection results / notes in the field
  • Maintain complex equipment with PM & repair work order functionality
  • Inventory / rental tracking
  • Pull-test software with test bed integration
  • System integration & legacy data conversion
  • Handhelds options include ultra-durable with camera, barcode, GPS & Intrinsically Safe

Captures color photos for repairs or failures

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N4 Systems / Super Slings Case Study