Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering

This Program is a comprehensive introduction to the science and art of the engineering behind heavy rigging, lifting, and transport activities. It was built to prepare key personnel with foundational knowledge of rigging engineering from some of the industry's leading engineers.

Program Highlights

250+ Hours, With reading assignments, lectures, discussion questions, engaging assignments, and exams, participants will be challenged and conditioned with over 250 hours of theory and practice in rigging engineering.  Learn more on the About Page.

14 Industry-Leading Engineers as Instructors, If you were to set out and build a "dream team" of engineers involved in crane, rigging, and load handling activities, all of these industry-leaders would be on it!  Participants will learn and interface with these engineers, learning from the best in the business.  Learn more on the Instructors Page.

10 Courses to Choose From, This Program is comprised of five "required courses" and five "elective courses".  Participants wishing to complete the entire Program must complete all required courses and two of the elective courses. The required courses encompass the core elements of rigging engineering while the electives allow participants to select subjects more specific to a few skill areas including heavy transport, regulations, advanced hands-on rigging and more.  Learn more on the Courses Page.
Online & On-Demand | Hands-On Training Options, Much of the feedback we received about this Program from engineers in the industry was that they preferred it by online, on-demand. By delivering the Program in this format, participants are able to learn from a distance and take the Program while they are working. In addition, there are several elective courses that allow for participants to learn at ITI Training Centers in a hands-on learning environment.  Learn more on the Format Page.



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Industrial Training International

About ITI

Over the past quarter-century, ITI has become recognized by clients and competitors alike as having an innovative and pioneering attitude toward training, and for having raised the current levels of instruction for cranes, heavy equipment and rigging. Our personal belief is that people have a greatly increased chance of retention by "seeing, speaking and doing" all at the same time.


Hands-on crane training and rigging training spearheaded by an interactive instructional design that never leaves a hand clean or a mind disengaged.
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Experience and expertise are the reasons clients request services like crane & rigging audits, lift planning, accident investigations, and expert witness testimony.
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Delivering knowledge and understanding to those who use cranes and rigging in easy-to-understand modules for beginners and veterans alike.
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A nationally-accredited certification for crane operators, riggers and signalpersons who need professional knowledge and skill level documentation.
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The primary resource used by industry professionals and corporate trainers to educate themselves and all of their employees in crane and rigging activities
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Rigging Training Courses

- Basic Rigger & Signalperson

- Journeyman Rigger

- Master Rigger

- Advanced Rigger Certification

- Rigging Gear Inspector Level I &II

- Rigging Gear Inspector Level III

Crane Training Courses

- Mobile Crane Operator

- Mobile Crane Inspector

- Crane Assembly & Disassembly Director

- Overhead Crane Operator

- Overhead Crane Inspector

- Pedestal Crane Operator

- Pedestal Crane Inspector

Lift Management Training

- Lift Director & Site Supervisor

- Critical Lift Planning

- Accident Investigation for Cranes, Rigging, and Material Handling Operations



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