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Truck Straps & Ratchet Straps

Quality assurance and general information:

We at Super Slings Inc. offer a full line of ratchet straps, tie downs, e-track tie downs, winch straps, tow straps, winches and all other load securement necessities. All items preassembled in 15, 20, 25 and 30 foot lengths to ensure timely delivery. All other custom lengths can be made within a very speedy turn around time. At Super Slings Inc. we take pride in our exceptional customer service and superior quality product with excellent price levels. We want to earn your business as a repeat customer.

Inspection, Care & Use Of Synthetic Web Tie Downs
Removal From Service
A tie down shall be removed from service if any of the following are visible:
  1. Holes, tears, cuts, snags or embedded particles in the webbing.
  2. Broken or worn stitching in load bearing stitch patterns.
  3. Excessive abrasive wear of the webbing.
  4. Knots in any part of the webbing.
  5. Distortion, excessive pitting, corrosion or damage of any fitting or component.
  6. Melting, charring or weld spatter on any part of the webbing.
  7. Chemical Burns.
  8. Any conditions which cause doubt as to the strength of the sling.
Operating Practices
  1. Determine weight of the cargo to be secured, including expected Gravity “G” forces.
  2. Consideration shall be given to the angle from the vertical (cargo tiedown to load angle) which reduces Working Load Limit.
  3. Select tiedown having suitable characteristics for the type of load and environment.
  4. Tiedown shall not be loaded in excess of the Working Load Limit (WLL)*.
  5. Tiedown shall be attached to provide control of the load and positioned in accordance with applicable regulations.
  6. Tiedown shall not be dragged on the floor, ground, or over an abrasive surface.
  7. Tiedown shall not be tied into knots, or joined by knotting.
  8. Tiedown shall not be pulled from under loads if the load is resting on the tiedown.
  9. Tiedown shall always be protected from being cut by sharp corners, sharp edges, protrusions or abrasive surfaces.
  10. Tiedown equipped with metal fitting shall not be dropped.
  11. The opening in fittings must be the proper shape and size
  12. to ensure that the fitting will seat properly in the anchorage point or other attachments. If the anchor point is inadequate to support the force of the tiedown system, then the load rating of the tiedown shall be limited to the strength of the anchor point.
  13. Tiedown shall not be used for lifting. Lifting includes raising, lowering and suspending.
Environmental Considerations
  1. Tiedowns should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place, and shall not be exposed to sunlight when not in use. Ultra-violet light will affect the strength of the synthetic webbing in varying degrees ranging from slight to total degradation.
  2. Chemically active environments can affect the strength of  tiedowns in varying degrees ranging from little to total degradation. The tiedown manufacturer or qualified person should be consulted before tiedowns are used or stored in chemically active environments.
  3. Tiedowns incorporating aluminum fitting(s) shall not be used where fumes, vapors, sprays, mists or liquids of alkalis and/or acids are present.
  4. Webbing shall not be used at temperatures in excess of 194 degrees F (90 degrees C) or below -40 degrees F (-40 degrees C).
  1. Initial Inspection: Before any tiedown is placed in service it shall be inspected by a designated person to ensure that the correct tiedown is being used as well as to determine that the tiedown meets the requirements.
  2. Frequent Inspection: This inspection shall be made by a qualified person handling the tiedown each time it is used.
  3. Periodic Inspection: This inspection shall be conducted by designated personnel. Frequency of inspection should be based on:
    1. Frequency of use
    2. Severity of service conditions
    3. Experience gained on the service life of tiedowns used in similar applications
    4. Inspection should be conducted at least monthly
  4. Repair of Tiedown: No repairs of webbing, fittings, or stitching shall be permitted.

Additional requirements and safe operating practices are outlined in current Federal, Provincial, CVSA Guidelines and/or other regulations as applicable.

Super Slings Truck Straps are made with the highest quality, domestic polyester webbing. They are available in 1”, 2”, 3” and 4 “ widths, and stocking lengths of 15’, 20’, 25’, 30’ and 40’. Custom lengths are available upon request. They also meet and exceed all North American Cargo Securement Standards.

All Super Slings Truck Straps have load rating tags sewn on with plastic covers as well as stenciled on the body for prolonged life and road safety compliance.