Sling Protection

The Importance of Wear Pads

Wear Pads can help protect slings against cutting and abrasion. The number one cause of synthetic sling failure is cutting. When slings are cut, property damage and personal injury or death can result. Wear pads can help to reduce this problem by acting as a buffer between the load edge and the sling. When used with steel slings, wear pads help protect both sling and load from damage along points of contact. Always protect slings from being cut or damaged by corners, edges and protrusions using protection sufficient for each application.

Warning: Wear pads may not prevent cutting or other sling damage. To avoid severe personal injury or death, keep all personnel clear of loads about to be lifted and suspended loads.

Linton Magnetic Corners

Without protection, slings – especially synthetic ones – can be damaged and cut when lifting on load edges. Edges in contact with the sling must somehow be “padded” to prevent this damage and catastrophic sling failure. We at Super Slings have found Linton magnetic sling protectors to be the best solution. These wear protection devices enhance the service cycle of the rigging and help to “soften” the edges that could cause damage.

Made of solid nylon, these lightweight corner protectors are only 1/7 the weight of steel. Because they attach with magnets, they are easily and quickly attached and removed, with no tools required. They work with flat web slings and round slings, as well as steel slings. Superslings offers Linton corner protectors in three sizes: 9″, 12″ and 18″ long, with a contact surface diameter of 6″ or 5″. The temperature range is from -20° to 220°F, and loads up to 12,500 PSI are achievable in applications where the load is in full contact with the 90- degree surfaces on the inside of the sling protector.