Super Slings Inc. stock a wide variety of tire chains and accessories for light and heavy trucks, tractors, loaders, cars and much more. Due to the varying brands, types and sizes of tires; Super Slings recommends test fitting your tire chains before they are needed to ensure proper fit. Because most tire chains are meant to fit a multitude of tire sizes, an exact fit is not always possible.

Tire Chain General Information

1. Fastener
(boomer) Joins and secures the ends of the chain together.

2. Quick Hook
(C-hook) inside hook.

3. Cross Chain
(cross links) Provides traction with the ground surface.

4. Cross Chain Hook
Secures cross chains to the side chain.

5. Side Chain
(side rails) Acts as the frame for tire chain construction.

6. Centre Rail
(triples only) Side chain in the middle of a 1/2 set of triple chains.

7. Cams/Cam Side Chain
Side chain with cams is available to make tightening chain easier



Chain Classification & Sizing

SAE Class “S”
Regular (non-reinforced) passenger tire chains and cables for vehicles with restricted wheel well clearances.
1.46” clearance on tread-face, 0.59” clearance on side-wall.
SAE Class “U”
Regular (non-reinforced) and lug reinforced passenger tire chains for vehicles with regular (non-restricted) wheel well clearances.
1.97” clearance on tread-face, 0.91” clearance on side-wall.
SAE Class “W”
Those passenger tire chains that use light truck components, as well as some light truck chains.
2.50” clearance on tread face, 1.50” clearance on side-wall.

Tire Clearance


SAE CLASS "S" 37mm (1.46”) 15mm (0.59”)
SAE CLASS "U" 50mm (1.97”) 23mm (0.91”)
SAE CLASS "W" 63.5mm (2.5”) 38.1mm (1.5”)

NOTE : For design purposes, “D” is the maximum crown tire section width as established by the Tire and Rim Association (TRA). The minimum clearances specified  must be maintained around spring clips, spring bolts, fenders, braces, splash pans, fuel  lines, brake lines, brake controls, and wherever necessary.

Tire size must be known in  order to select a tire chain of correct fit. For passenger cars, vans, and small pick-up  trucks, it is important to check the owner’s manual. The restricted wheel clearances in  most of today’s downsized and front drive vehicles may require the use of SAE Class “S”  tire chains, as noted. Check your owners manual for information regarding your vehicle.

Tire Chain Mounting Styles




1/2 pair of singles shown.
Cross chains span the width of one tire.
1/2 pair of triples shown. Centre side chain rail lies in-between the two tandem tires of a dual axle set up.
Advantage: Centre rail helps keep the cross chains fromshifting and twisting.
Tire Chain Warranty Policy

1. Super Slings will repair or replace product at our discretion and only after a thorough inspection or written warranty report has been completed on the product(s) in question. The following procedures must be followed for customers to apply for warranty & for Super Slings to process a warranty claim:
1. Send Super Slings photo(s) of each product in question. Each item & piece that is being claimed for warranty must have photos to back up the claim.
2. Provide application, hours of usage, machine type, tire size (if applicable) & part # of product in question.
3. Provide Super Slings invoice# & date of sale for verification of purchase.
4. Some products may be requested to be shipped back to Super Slings for further inspection/analysis.

If the above procedures are not followed, then Super Slings has the right of refusal on any warranty claim. Following the above procedures DOES NOT guarantee that the warranty claim will be granted. Super Slings will always work to process warranty claims as quickly as possible, however some warranty claims can require up to 8 weeks for proper and thorough evaluation.
2. Warranty DOES NOT include the following:
1. Any damage caused by alteration, storage, repair, or handling by the buyer.
2. Structural modifications made without manufacturer’s approval.
3. Excessive wear, not caused by production defects.
4. Products not used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Tire Chain Return Policy

1. No returned merchandise will be accepted by Super Slings without prior authorization (RGA # Required.). If products arrive without an authorized RGA # then Super Slings can refuse the shipment.
2. All return merchandise must have freight arranged or agreed upon by Super Slings. If RGA ’s arrive and they do not have the freight arranged or agreed upon by Super Slings, then Super Slings can refuse the shipment or bill the freight back to the customer.
3. All returns are subject to a minimum 30% restocking fee.
4. All custom builds and custom purchases are Non-Returnable & Non Refundable.
5. All products Super Slings classifies as Discontinued or Non-Stocking are Non-Returnable & Non Refundable.



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