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On-site Inspection Program

One of the best safeguards against sling failures that can cause property damage, injury, or even death, is a proper sling and rigging inspection program. On-Site rigging inspections are also a great way to keep all rigging up to date with inspection requirements without having to send them off site. Our inspectors can come to your facility or job site and provide inspections for a wide variety of rigging and lifting hardware.

Super Slings inspectors are trained and tested by Industrial Training International to ensure our customers receive the highest quality and most reliable inspection possible. All slings and rigging are inspected to the most recent Alberta OH&S, ASME and manufacturer standards, codes and requirements.

Our Inspection program utilizes Supertrac FieldID to maintain an online database of all inspections and testing for every serialized sling and hardware product. These records are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be accessed by anyone with a username and password.

We will work with you to determine the most practical and cost efficient frequency of your sling inspections. We can perform inspections annually, semi-annually, quarterly or even monthly depending on the severity of work in which you use your rigging.

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In-house Sling Inspections & Certification

Super Slings is committed to providing thorough and cost-effective rigging inspection services that comply with all procedures recommended by ASME, OH&S, and manufacturers. Staffed by a team of technicians with extensive knowledge and an outstanding industry reputation, our Service Centre works with you during every step of your operation to ensure that your rigging meets the highest standards of integrity and safety. All Super Slings Inspectors are trained and tested by ITI (Industrial Training International) through the Rigging & Inspection Program and have passed both written and practical exams to prove competency.

We Can perform Inspections and Repairs for the following products and more

Web Slings Chain Slings Swivels Plate Clamps
Round Slings Lifting Hooks Hoists Lifting Beams
Wire Rope Shackles Magnets Fall Arrest


Lifting Magnet Inspections

Super Slings Magnet Breakaway Test Stand can test magnets with a breakaway force of up to 15,000 lbs. We also have the ability re-label and repair lifting magnets in accordance with the most recent ASME B30.20 standards.

Fall Arrest Inspections

Have your fall arrest equipment inspected by our certified inspectors. We inspect your equipment according to Alberta OH&S standards.



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