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G-4161 - Green Pin Bow Shackle - Screw Pin

They look good, as we expected

Online orders

The 6" straps that I ordered were exactly as stated. The price was great and they are of High quality. I would highly recommend Super Slings to everybody. They delivered on what was purchased.

As advertised. Shipping a little long

Slings were as advertised. Shipping took a little too long in this day and age.

Truck Essential Package
kyle mceachern

Truck Essential Package

Great products

No service

No aftersale service at all

Great combination

The 3/8" chain with the double bolt Viro shutter lock is a great combination. I have a number of chain/shutter lock combinations and it's sometimes a pain to get a single bolt to go through both ends of a heavy chain. The double bolt solves this nicely, and the predecessor to this Viro lock gets a recommendation from the lock picking lawyer (Video [273]) . His only complaint was the lack of armour on the ends, which has been corrected with this new version of the lock.


Quick delivery. Great product

Wonderful Product with Reliable Shipping

We ordered some magnets and ended up having shipping errors via third party shipping. Super Slings was informed and went out of their way to address this – they ended up hand delivering our package right to us. Now if that is not customer service, I don’t know what it is. Wonderful, friendly employees - definitely will order from them again.


Works great nice chain and lock

Great product extremely useful


Great product, Great price

This is my second order of slings. Very happy with product and price.

Only received one of the two slings

The box was damaged in shipping and I received one of two pieces. I took a photo and sent it via email after calling. I was told that a “claim” was put in after two days waiting. Still no update a week later.


Easy to use & keeps objects secure!!

3" Ratchet Strap w/ Wire Hook

Love it

Amazing security but I would get the 3/8 if I bought it again. Heavy but a serious deterrent

Excellent product

Extremely high quality padlock. Large and heavy but extremely secure.

Great price and availability, very happy with the over length hard to find straps that I ordered!

Great for Rock

Worked really well for lifting boulders. I was a bit skeptical due to the sleeve being more slippery compared to web slings, but they grip fine and were much more durable than the classic web sling. You will want 16' plus for 3-4' boulders.

Made in China. ;-(


Great product, fast shipping

Rescue hitch

Works amazing used it last weekend had a first timer off broader try to cross local river ended up swamping there truck the tow hitch along with the newly install winch made short work of getting the out and to a spot for local tow company to come get them. I will definitely be getting more of your systems for sure.

solid lock

I have been using this for about a week now, the 9ft chain is long enough to lock up four mtb securely.