All Super Slings Fabricators are trained and tested by ITI (Industrial Training International) through the Qualified Sling Fabricator course and have passed both written and practical exams to prove competency. At Super Slings we have the capability to manufacture and distribute a wide variety of rigging options to suit any need!


Wire rope slings up to 1-1/2" in-house.
Larger sizes available through special order. 
Wire rope slings
Grade 80 & 100 chain slings and components up to 3/4" in-house.
Larger sizes available through special order.
Chain slings and components
Wide variety of rope sling options, including 3 strand, single braid, and double braid, Dyneema® 12 Strand and more! On the left a rope sling attached to bar, on the right a man carrying large ropes on shoulder
Tow ropes manufactured in-house up to 2-5/8". Tow rope hook and tow rope coil
Web slings up to 12" (material width) Sling sewing machine and factory floor

Polyester round slings up to 90,000 lbs standard and 1,000,000 lbs + through special order
Various polyester round slings in stacks


Truck Straps, Ratchet Straps & custom webbing assemblies up to 4" Sewing machine sewing a strap next to a coiled strap on a wall
Custom Cargo Nets Flat cargo net next to a pickup truck with packages strapped down to bed
Grade 70 Chain assemblies, load chains, tail chains, safety chains and more up to 1/2" Grade 70. Various chains attached to rod and attached to the back of a tractor
Logging wrappers in synthetic rope or steel wire rope. A coil of synthetic rope and a coil of steel wire rope


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